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Fintoch Plan | Understand the details Plan of Fintoch #fintoch

Fintoch Plan | Understand the details Plan of Fintoch|

Fintoch has being growing very fast for the last few months and in this blog I will be discussing in details about fintoch and plan of fintoch.

What is Fintoch ?

Fintoch is an Decentralised wallet, Defi,P2P Blockchain and Hybrid system by the North American Technology Company Morgan DF Fintoch registered with the California secretory of states

I will leave the link of the California secretory of states where you can check yourself the certification

Here is the link to check the registration of Fintoch : Search for " fintoch' https://bizfileonline.sos.ca.gov/search/business

The Fintoch certificate carries the name of the COO Mr. William Thomson who is regularly seen in the events around the world.

The second authentication of fintoch is CertiK an US based reputed Smart Contract auditing Platform. It protects and monitors blockchain protocols and smart contracts by leveraging best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI) technology has Trust score of 89/100.

Another thing that make fintoch very much authentic is if you open the Binance app and search for fintoch you will see an article talking about top 5 crypto projects with highest audit trust score and fintoch is one of the company.

You can see also see many authentic website and like Yahoo finance, digital journal etc talking about and article on fintoch, You can google yourself and check the same

Talking about the Fintoch management. Bobby Jeo Lambert is the CEO who you will see in various video about the project then the COO William Thompson who is always see in the company events all along the world, The CFO is Donald K. Marques

<==COO William Thompson

Bobby Jeo Lambert ===>

The CTO is Bruce Rayner, The Marketing Director Teodoro walker,Finance Director Patricia A Gaertner

Two Things what attracted me about the project and which is the usp of the fintoch project is the Fintoch Technology and The fintoch Plan and furffther I will be talking about the same

If we talk about Fintoch features, Fintoch has a similar multi chain wallet like Metamask and trust wallet but one of the few which allows multi chain swapping, other then that fintoch has its own blockchain, it is 100% decentralised, it has Instant withdrawal,You can borrow from the system and lend in the system to earn daily earning.

If you are loving what you see you can download the wallet from the description and get started

Fintoch is a Hybrid technology where there are 2 party one is the Lender and the second one is the borrower

When the borrower borrow from the system he pays 2% per day for 7 days and the lender receive 1% per day for 7 days that is how you can very easily earn 1% daily as are there are lot of borrowers but we need to find the lender and the lender earn 1% daily as long as you hold your lending.

But if you want to withdraw you after 7 days complete you can withdraw you 100% principle and the profit instantly with a 5% deduction from the profit

Now lets understand the lending plan the minimum lending is 100 dollars and it can be done in the multiple of 100.

First condition is you invest for seven days and once seven days are done, you can take a profit. You can take your initial investment and exit

Condition number two where you can compound your lending and earn 1% as a daily profit and 1.5% from the daily profit which you will be earning which gets compounded

Let me give you an example if you have landed $1,000 you will be earning 1% daily which is $10 and from the second day you will be earning 1% from the principal which is $1,000 and 1.5% from the profit which you have earned from the previous day.

Which means you will be earning 1% per day and 36% for 30 days and hundred percent 63 days

Once you have on your 100% from your lending, your 1% daily will continue but your 1.5% from your profit will stop if you want to continue the 1.5% from the profit you need to withdraw the entire amount and reinvest to start the 1.5% all over again.

Now the income for Marketers which is the DIRECT MATCHING BONUS

You earn from two levels, first level 15% of the daily profit and from the second level 10% of the daily profit.

Let me give an example this is you and you first level starts with 10,000$ he will be earning 1% daily which is 100 dollar and you will be earning 15% of 100 dollar that is 15 dollar daily

From the second level who also start with 10,000 dollar you will be earning 10% which is 10 dollar daily

This earning will be minimum as it will increase with your level one and level two compound your daily earning also will increase.

Next type of earning is TEAM MANAGEMENT INCENTIVE

The first rank is a G M and the qualifying criteria is five active direct and $50,000 business from unlimited dept.

When you become a G M, you start earning minimum hundred dollars daily incentive

The next rank is a V P rank and qualifying criteria is you should have 2 G M from different leg under you and team business of 150,000 dollar.

When you become a GM, you start owning 150 to 300 $ daily

Next rank is the S V P and the qualification criteria is 2 V P from different legs and a business of five hundred thousand dollars.

When you achieve a S V P ranks. You will start earning six hundred to one thousand five hundred dollars daily.

The next rank as an E D rank to achieve this rank, you should have 2 S V P from different legs and a team business of $2 million. Once you achieve the E D rank, you start making one thousand five hundred to five thousand dollars on a daily basis.

The next rank is an M D rank to achieve this rank. The qualification criteria is to have 2 E D from different league and $6 million business.

once you achieve this MD rank you start earning $13,000-$30,000 daily.

Now if you are an MD and you have another MD in your downline, you start earning a share of the companies pool which is 10% of the companies profit.

Lastly once fintoch have 100 million subscribers, Fitoch will be listed in the NASDAQ IPO, as of now We Are 19 million and I expect we reaching hundred million in the next one year.

This was the Fintoch Plan and I have tried to make you understand the details Plan of Fintoch, Now here is your change to participate in the fintoch project.

Step by Step Guide how to Dowload,Add Funds and Lend in fintoch Wallet.

What the full fintoch Plan in English and Hindi

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