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Fintoch | Decentralized Wallet Paying 1% per Day and 36% in 30 days.

Updated: Apr 19

Are you looking for a new way to earn passive income in 2023? Look no further than Fintoch, the revolutionary DeFi, P2P Blockchain, and Hybrid system from Morgan DF Fintoch! With Fintoch, you can earn 1% per day, and if you choose to compound your earnings, you could earn a whopping 36% per month and 100% in just 2 months. That's an incredible return on investment that you won't find anywhere else! Fintoch's advanced technology is designed to provide you with a safe and secure investment platform that combines the best of decentralized finance and peer-to-peer networking. By leveraging the power of blockchain, Fintoch offers unparalleled transparency and security for your investments. And with its registration with the California Secretary of State, you can trust that Fintoch is a legitimate and trustworthy investment opportunity. Whether you're a seasoned investor

or just starting out, Fintoch is the perfect platform to help you reach your financial goals. FIntoch is a decentralized financial platform that safeguards user funds based on the core blockchain technology called HyBriid. HyBriid has integrated “Multi-Signature” and “Zero-Knowledge Proof” technology, which enables borrowers, platforms and supervisory nodes to supervise and authorize the use of funds mutually via the Multi-Signature Technology. It also combined with Zero-Knowledge Proof technology to prevent any private collusion between borrowers and supervisory nodes, which will effectively lower the users’ investment risk nearly to zero. Furthermore, Fintoch is jointly supervised by multiple anonymous supervisory nodes, and once the liquidation conditions are reached, the contract will be automatically stopped and liquidated assets, which truly solves the security pain points of DeFi transactions. Fintoch team members

There are 2 things which attrached me a lot in this project first being the fintoch feature and second the compensation plan Talking about Fintoch features Fintoch has a similar to Metamask and trust wallet where you will need 12 phrase to register and supports multiple coins and tokens in their wallet supporting multi chain but fintoch is different being one of the first which allows multi chain swapping

Fintoch Business Plan is another unique where you invest a minimum of 100$ and earn daily 1% per day for 7 days after which you can withdraw your 100% investment and your profit. But if you plan compound your investment you will earn 1% daily on your investment and 1.5% on you daily profit which will lead to you earning 36% the first month and if you still compound you will be earning 100% of your investment in 2 months and if your hold further you can earn 800% in 6 month and 6400% in 1 year. Check the details of your compunding in the below picture all this without referring anyone totally passive.

But if you are a marketer you can earning sky is the limit First is the Direct referral Incentive which is 2 level first level is 15% of first level and 10% of second level.

Fintoch Direct referral Incentive The next big earning is the Team Management Incentive 1. $50K Accumulated and 5 Direct RANK GM starting $100/day min. But your earning will increase with the Daily sale calculate, for example your turnover is 65000 you earn 1% of that amount %650x 20%=130. 2. $150K Accumulated and 2 GM RANK VP $450/Day min 3. $500K Accumulated and 2 VP RANK SVP $2K/Day min 4. $2M Accumulated and 2 SVP RANK ED $10K/Day min 5. $6M Accumulated and 2 ED RANK MD $36K/Day min

HOW TO REGISTER WITH FINTOCH ? 1. Click the link https://website.fintoch.io/created_wallet_id?langId=en&invite_id=IDee919b4deee1dcb0d971500ffeba37e562196532 2. Click Create Wallet ID 3. Copy The Wallet ID created this time 4. Download the Application 5. Click Wallet 6. Click Create Wallet 7. Paste Wallet ID 8. Create Password 9. Click Create 10. Click Backup 11. Click Got it 12. Screenshot and Save 12 Keywords in sequence and don't tell anyone 13. Click Backup confirmed 14. Done HOW TO DEPOSIT 1. Click Wallet 2. Click USDT TRC20 3. Click Receive 4. Click Copy Address 5. Deposit Minimum $100 from any Exchange or from any Wallet HOW TO LENDING After Depositing Minimum $100, please : Click Lending Choose USDT TRC20 Enter Integer Multiple of 100 Click Grab it now Click Confirm Click Next step Enter password Done



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