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Fintoch Compensation Plan in Hindi | Fintoch Plan in Hindi and English

Fintoch is an Defi,P2P Blockchain and Hybrid system by the North American Technology Company Morgan DF Fintoch registered with the California secretory of states and the best part is its unique Fintoch Compensation Plan

In this Blog we will discuss the Unique Fintoch Plan in English and Hindi in the form of video and below is the discription of a very simple but a powerful Plan of Fintoch

With a min Investment of 100$ you can start to ean 1% per day,36% in 30 days and produce Lending Staking Fintoch offer to all user 100% profit in 63 days.

If you share the Fintoch link with your friends you can earn Sharing Profit from your network daily income.

Fintoch Direct Referral Incentive

L1. 15% of your first level profit daily

L2. 10% of your first level profit daily

Team Management Incentive

1. $50K Accumulated

RANK GM starting $100/day min. Daily sale culculate, for example your turnover is 65000 you earn 1% of that amount %650x 20%=130.

2. $150K Accumulated

RANK VP $450/Day min

3. $500K Accumulated

RANK SVP $2K/Day min

4. $2M Accumulated

RANK ED $10K/Day min

5. $6M Accumulated

RANK MD $36K/Day min

To understand the detail Plan below is the Compensation Plan in English and Compensation Plan in Hindi

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