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Fintoch Decentralize Wallet which Pays 1% per day,36% 30 Days and 100% in 63 days

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Fintoch Features

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How to Dowload the Wallet



Follow the steps

2. Click Create Wallet ID

3. Copy The Wallet ID created this time

4. Download the Application

5. Click Wallet

6. Click Create Wallet

7. Paste Wallet ID

8. Create Password

9. Click Create

10. Click Backup

11. Click Got it

12. Screenshot and Save 12 Keywords in sequence and don't tell anyone

13. Click Backup confirmed

14. Done


How to Deposit

1.  Click Wallet

  2.  Click USDT TRC20

  3.  Click Receive

  4.  Click Copy Address

  5.  Deposit Minimum $100 from any Exchange or from any Wallet

How to do Lending


 After Depositing Minimum $100, please :

  1.Click Lending

  2.Choose USDT TRC20

  3.Enter Integer Multiple of 100

  4.Click Grab it now

  5.Click Confirm

  6.Click Next step

  7.Enter password


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Step by Step Guide How to Setup,TopUp and Lend USD in Fintoch Wallet

Hindi Video

English Video

About Us

What is Fintoch ?


Fintoch is a decentralized financial platform that safeguards user funds based on the core blockchain technology called HyBriid. HyBriid has integrated “Multi-Signature” and “Zero-Knowledge Proof” technology, which enables borrowers, platforms and supervisory nodes to supervise and authorize the use of funds mutually via the Multi-Signature Technology. It also combined with Zero-Knowledge Proof technology to prevent any private collusion between borrowers and supervisory nodes, which will effectively lower the users’ investment risk nearly to zero. Furthermore, Fintoch is jointly supervised by multiple anonymous supervisory nodes, and once the liquidation conditions are reached, the contract will be automatically stopped and liquidated assets, which truly solves the security pain points of DeFi transactions.

The Fintoch Team

Our passion for creating meaningful change for clients is what sets us apart. The Fintoch team believes in the potential of our great idea, and it truly shows in all of our work. We work tirelessly in order to bring you a better tomorrow, and we’re proud of every single member of staff. To learn more about the incredible Fintoch team, please have a look below.

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Fintoch & Morgan DF Fintoch LLC Legal Documents

Fintoch registration in USA
Fintoch registration in USA

© 2035 by Fintoch Online. 

© 2035 by Fintoch Online. 

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